Stop the drinks sneaking up on you

Sneaking drinks

On February 5, Change4Life will be launching a new campaign to show how easily drinking too much alcohol can sneak up on you. 

More than 9 million drinkers in England are potentially putting their health at risk by regularly drinking above the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines.

Building on the lower drinking messages and drinks swaps included in last autumn’s Get Going Every Day campaign for adults, the new campaign aims to support those who are unaware their drinking could be putting their health at risk.

By communicating the health harms of regularly drinking above the guidelines and providing hints, tips and tools we hope to encourage people to give their liver a rest by reducing the amount of alcohol they drink.

Watch out for the new TV ad, a supporting leaflet and a new online tool to help people quickly assess their drinking, find out the risk and get tips to help them cut down.

Find out more about drinking and alcohol.

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6 Responses to Stop the drinks sneaking up on you

  1. Helen Heaton says:

    I am part of the Change4life steering group in Kirklees and we are very keen to support the change4life campaigns at a local level and potentially produce our own supporting information to signpost our residents to appropriate help and services. However we don’t seem to find out the detail of any of the campaigns before they are launched nationally. Is there some way to get information and access to any artwork/ resources in advance so we can plan and budget appropriately?

    • ashah says:

      Dear Helen

      Thank you for your enquiry and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I appreciate that you want to filter information as soon as you here about the campaigns and sorry that you did not get much notice with the launch of the alcohol campaign.
      If you are already a Change4Life supporter you will get updates on our upcoming campaigns and resources that are available to you if not register as a Change4Life supporter . However, if you wish to obtain information and artwork please email the Change4Life Partnerships Team at
      Best Wishes
      Campaign Resource Centre Team

  2. john freeman says:

    excellent iniative but I am constantly asked for evidence that 2 pints of beer per day is so much worse than max of 1 pint as in recommendatons! Can you send me clinical study references and the title of any reports and how to get them. These are vital if people are to be convinced. Many thanks

    • ashah says:

      Dear John

      Thank you for your enquiry and I will be sending you an email separately with some evidence based research which I hope will be of some use to you and below is a line from our medical advisor:

      “The relative risk estimates for the conditions described are drawn from the ‘National Health and Medical Research Council’ analyses that were published in 2009 as part of the ‘Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol’. The methodology and source studies are summarised in Appendix A5 of the report.”
      In the campaign and the leaflets, we included a narrative line in some places that the risks increase with the amount consumed – in order to be as balanced as possible.

      All the best
      Campaign Resource Centre Team

  3. Julian Coxon says:

    I’m leading a team of health professionals who are aiming to engage people to address their drinking at lower levels that “sneak up on you”
    We have been trying to develop ways of hooking people into our very successful brief interventions in alcohol service via local campaigns.
    Can we use any of the messages your campaign uses?? I’d like to use the narrative in our literature and in our own local campaign, coudl I do this ?

    • ashah says:

      Thank you for your enquiry. If you become a Change4Life supporter you will be able to access the brand assets and order/download a wide range of free resources.

      You can also use the brand assetts to develop your own materials and there are brand guidelines that you will need to follow. To register, visit the Change4Life website.

      Campaign Resource Team

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